As Vancouver’s newest mixed-use hotel/residential tower, the 61-story Shangri-La is a true architectural wonder and now the city’s tallest building – commanding breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, waterways, and metropolitan area. The Shangri-La is a technological marvel as well, featuring the absolute  state-of-the-art  in  remote-controlled  automation systems  for  both  commercial  and  residential  use. With a single, simple-to-operate remote control device, guests and residents can control everything from sophisticated A/V and videoconferencing equipment to home theaters, lighting, and window coverings.

Vancouver-based Millson Technologies, Inc. provided system design and integration for all of the technology solutions within the hotel, teleconferencing business center, and residences.  Remote  control  systems  from  RTI are an essential element in Millson’s design for the Shangri-La. “Intuitive  technology  is  especially  important  in  a  hotel/conference/residential  setting,  where  the  users  might  be guests or residents with little or no technology training who are using these systems for the first time,” said Richard Millson, president of Millson Technologies. “RTI’s solutions helped us fulfill the property’s objective to offer systems that are not only leading-edge, but intuitive and easy to use the first time.”

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