Just Add Power is excited to announce the new 2GΩ/3G VGA Transmitter, which allows VGA source devices to be easily integrated into any 2G/2G+ or 3G Ultra HD over IP network of HDMI devices.

716-VGA_6The addition of the 2GΩ/3G VGA Transmitter means Just Add Power’s HDMI over IP platform can accommodate virtually any size of 4K or 1080p HDMI matrixing application, whilst offering support for video walls, video tiling, 4K scaling and now VGA source device integration too.

But they didn’t just stop at releasing one product. There is a grand total of 3 new hardware additions.

2GΩ/3G VGA Transmitter

Can be retrofitted into existing 2G/2G+ or 3G Ultra HD over IP installs, allowing VGA sources to be distributed alongside HDMI source devices, to multiple screens and can operate in 2G mode for use with 2G/2G+ networks of devices, or in 3G mode for 3G Ultra HD over IP networks of devices. The maximum output resolution of the 2GΩ/3G VGA Transmitter is Full HD 1080p in both modes.

3.5mm LINE-IN port allows integrators to mix VGA PC source audio with the video stream.

3G+4+ 4K HDMI Tiler

Enables four or more 4K / 1080p HDMI source devices to be displayed on a single screen either in 1080p or 4K resolutions (dependent on the screen’s resolution output capabilities), and in a variety of viewing modes e.g. quad view.

A 3G+4+ tiler can be viewed on any display with a Just Add Power 3G receiver behind it.

One tiler allows you to display up to 4 HDMI sources. You can stack multiple 3G+4+ tilers, with each tiler adding an extra three sources as tiles on a display.

Decora Style Wall-Plate Transmitter

G3-+-WP1-photo1Individuals can take their own devices (be they HDMI or VGA sources), plug them into a conveniently located Wall Plate Transmitter, and then route that image anywhere over the network of Just Add power devices, to be viewed on any integrated screen.

Will be available to order in a wide variety of custom colors to meet the design requirements of the most demanding commercial installations.