13579d51-55da-40fe-af48-5ba4e5275849URC understands that dealers have gotten multitasking down to an art form. Well, a typical project is all about juggling a million things at once—which is why they are happy and excited to introduce their newest, most convenient method of technical support: Live Chat.

With Live Chat you can text in real-time with their Technical Support team and get answers to the most common questions. And with this new feature, it’s easy to copy the recommended resolutions and save them for future reference instead of trying to remember exactly what the agent said.

In its initial launch this feature will be available during most days; however, they do plan to expand the hours to include some early mornings, late nights and even weekends. Standby for news – or better yet, sign up for URC Bulletins and you’ll be among the first to know. (If you don’t know what URC Bulletins are, read this month’s Russ Report.)

Please remember, there still may be times when everyone is best served by making a phone call. They hope that this new Live Chat feature is a benefit to our dealers in most situations, but for some of the more challenging issues and resolutions you may still be encouraged to call their team.